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Goodcoin – The First Good Currency

Time to change money - for a better world. Goodcoin is a new, different kind of Cryptocurrency that is generated qualitatively, not quantitatively. It can only be generated by you, doing good for the planet or people.

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  • Goodcoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin
  • Goodcoin can be generated by sustainable purchases or fair and social actions
  • Goodcoins can be transferred and spend worldwide


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About us

Learn more about our company
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Good for shoppers

With our project you soon you get rewarded for shopping sustainably and doing good. It's our way of saying "thanks"

Good for shops

Join a network of sustainable retail stores around the world
Do "good" things. Earn Goodcoins Goodcoins will be your reward for helping out

Shop sustainably, recycle, volunteer your time - if it's good for the planet, it'll put coins in your digital pocket.

Reduced transaction fees Boost your sales. Cut the cost

Sick of paying credit card companies out the wazoo? Goodcoin transactions will be available for a fraction of the cost.

You will earn'em. Now spend 'em We will create the first "good" currency

You will be able to spend your Goodcoins on sustainable goods from a wide range of carefully selected shops.

Instantaneous processing (Well, nearly instantaneous). Clear your payments the same day

Our cryptographic scholars at Humboldt University will create a unique privacy system. Your data (and your customers' data) is safe and sound.

Ethical shopping made simple We're very picky about who we work with

If Goodcoin will be accepted at a shop, you can be sure that whatever you're buying is responsible, green, or just plain good.

Serious data protection We're obsessed with privacy. Leave theworrying to us

Soon we will be cutting out the middleman banks, we can get your money to you faster.

Feeling generous? You will be also also to donate them to charity or plant a tree to help Mother Earth.

Sustainable branding Join a community of good companies. We'll help you get your green on

We only partner with companies that verifiably improve the world. Sign up to broadcast your sustainable goodness to the world.

Take a look what we are up to

We will use sophisticated cryptographic methods to guarantee a maximum level of security. We're embedding privacy directly into our currency - the proof is in the pudding.

Crypto-protection. Safety in code
Privacy by design. Made In Germany
Open source. Fully transparent
Powered by the community for good
Globally integrated. Accessed anywhere
You will be able to send your money on a worldwide adventure

Meet the teams

Four communities, coming together to form a new one. Plus, we made something pretty darn cool
Bonsum Privacy by design. Made In Germany

We reward you for shopping sustainably. We'll provide the platform where you can find all of the Goodcoin partners. We're also responsible for selecting new partners - reach out if you're interested!

Offline partner To come
Humboldt University of Berlin Education through learning and research

Our crew is taking care of all the academic work underlying Goodcoin. Our cryptography and legal departments ensure your money is safe, your privacy is protected, and your transactions are legal.

Online partner To come

Interested in taking part?

Drop us a line! We're very excited about this project and love talking about it.

If you're a company and want to participate, make sure to include a URL that we can check out!